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But it’s from Florida….

But it's from Florida....

“Look at this Beauty! Found this in South Dakota… wait for it… with FLORIDA plates! I can imagine cruising the open road in this turd. At a distance, I thought someone added a drop down deck/porch to the rv. Upon closer inspection, let’s just say… a little plywood, 2X4’s and some bolts and… ROADTRIP!!! Could’ve been a mobile method lab, I’m not sure. I tried to get more pics but it was just leaving. I assure you, the other side and the rear are all patched up too. The whole rig leaned to the drivers side too. If you see it on the road, get away! Enjoy!”

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Collecting Old Bolts & Mayonnaise Jars

Collecting Old Bolts

“Could one be a redneck for hording old bolts in their shed separated in mayonnaise and other glass food jars?”

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Fixed my recliner

The submitter wrote: “The bolts kept breaking in my recliner, so I fixed it.”

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Lighting the way

The submitter wrote: “I saw this in belfast maine and first thought was they were taking it home on closer inspection it is mounted with bolts to the rack on top of car im still like wtf”

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