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Ice Cold Truck

Ice Cold Truck

Have you ever sat next to one of those window AC units?  they blow icy cold!

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The Sled

Over the summer we participated in our local fairs demolition derby. After winning the first qualifier in this car thinking it was to small for the feature we entered it in another qualifier. In the second race I manged to win again despite both tires rear tires falling off. Upon getting the news that the car was allowed to participate in the feature we got to work getting it ready. After multiple tries and getting yelled at for having a welder in the pits, thus the rims welded to the frame(which did not work) The Idea of using the rear hood, spare donut tire, another spare rim, ratchet strap, chain and lots of wire came about. The sled car was born! only to blow the right front after a few hits because the rim had to be put on backwards to avoid rubbing…. This is a true redneck repair!”

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Blow here

“Odd device in this car is for that must pass a alcohol test before driving.”  …guess the submitter has never been to Florida since I know a few Bubba’s that have these installed.

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Armpit Blowout

So what is one to do when you blow out the armpit of your White Trash Repair?  Since he said he didn’t have any duct tape we won’t pick on him too bad about using a safety pin.  Hope that pin doesn’t come undone or that might hurt.

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