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Beer Bottle

Beer Bottle Planter

Before the recycling truck comes time to pick out all the Christmas beer bottles so that you can make a planter!  Love it or Hate it???

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It’s a Hole In One!

Hey if it works go for it.  Little Bubba jr. doesn’t seem to mind with a full belly, a little toy time and looks like a nap.  Wonder if his dad does the same thing with a beer bottle?

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Repurposed Toilet Plunger

The submitter wrote: “Folding outdoor chair doesn’t have a cup holder?  No problem.  Grab a toilet plunger, sharpen the end, poke in the ground, and you’re all set.  Washing it first is optional.”  I think someone watched our one video: Beer Bottle Holder (Video)

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Thursday, September 30th, 2010 DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, Redneck Repairs, White Trash Repair 2 Comments

Beer Bottle Holder (Video)

Gotta Love Red Green!  I swear he comes up with some of the best things, he is the ultimate Bubba!  I love this idea, what a conversation starter this would be.  This is a A+ idea for sure!!!

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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 Video 5 Comments

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