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Sh*tty Wrapping Paper

Classy Bubba I can see you wrapped the wife’s Christmas present in the used kitty litter bin.  No bow that is ok you have black gorilla tape.  I hope you at least washed it out first!

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4 Comments to Sh*tty Wrapping Paper

  1. I have one of those bins still…. :o)

  2. anonymus on November 27th, 2010
  3. I use one for the Dog food.I figured the dog eat’s out of the litter box so whats the dif..(silly dog turds are trash)

  4. Tom Harris on November 27th, 2010
  5. Some people may keep these things but they shouldn’t be used for a Christmas gift. Lazy and selfish much?

  6. Kendall on November 27th, 2010
  7. By the way that is taped down I hope whatever’s in there isn’t alive. No air holes!

  8. Penny on November 27th, 2010

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