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Satellite TV Bubba Style

Ok you have to find humor in this picture.  For the Dogs sake I hope he isn’t wired up.  I guess I would be more concerned if they dog had a aluminum foil flag on his tail too.  Bubba you can not get a signal boost via your dog!

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7 Comments to Satellite TV Bubba Style

  1. That is what the vet gave him so he would’nt scratch him self you stupid redneck f*ck!!!

  2. jt on November 1st, 2010
  3. Yeah it’s called an e-collar (Elizabethan Collar) and it’s used on dogs and cats to keep them from chewing a wound or pulling out stitches. Very common and nothing to do at all with a satellite dish except in resemblance. Doesn’t belong on this site at all.

  4. trevorsmom on November 1st, 2010
  5. I can agree that there isn’t a redneck fix involved, but I have to say that I laughed at this picture. Doesn’t anyone else see the humor?

  6. Heywood on November 2nd, 2010
  7. Heywood, I thought it was funny too.

  8. jo-mama on November 3rd, 2010
  9. I really wonder where this is, ’cause it looks just like my apartment. ;)

  10. dasboos on November 3rd, 2010
  11. I thought it was very funny, and I don’t think anyone actually thought the dog was part of a satellite. It was meant to be funny.

  12. stacy on November 4th, 2010
  13. Maybe this helps his Direct TV dish reception.

  14. LCB on November 26th, 2010

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