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Roasting Duct Tape?

The submitter wrote: “Nothing feels as warm & cozy on a cold winter’s night than the fumes or burning Duct Tape.”

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8 Comments to Roasting Duct Tape?

  1. That looks like tacky weather sealing and little more. Unless there are serious cracks in the chimney, rather than just an airgap between the chimney and wall, there shouldn’t be any burning duct tape. If the duct tape burns, then so would the siding.

  2. JD on March 21st, 2011
  3. JD you are right there what usually happens is the fire place is built on a separate pad which has not been pinned to the house foundation and has little or no soil compaction, as a result it just starts to tilt away from the house over the years, or if the mortar joints don’t dissolve first and the whole damn thing just falls down in a wind storm

  4. RONTHEWOLFMAN on March 21st, 2011
  5. It’s hard to tell from the distance but it also looks like Foil tape which is used on duct work and can withstand a higher temperature.

  6. Alf on March 22nd, 2011
  7. I was thinking the same as Alf

  8. John on March 22nd, 2011
  9. foil tape is designed for SMOOTH SURFACES (duct work preferable clean)so the porosity of brick and the tweaked siding won’t let that fix last long at all
    not many times where caulk (siliconized LATEX)is the best solution but this might be one and a foam rope packing first inserted would minimize the total amount of caulk needed to say 1 case insted of 3

  10. RONTHEWOLFMAN on March 22nd, 2011
  11. “Duct Tape roasting on an open fire…Smoke inhalation nipping at your nose…”

  12. Chester Copperpor on March 22nd, 2011
  13. as a fireman …waiting

  14. Bobe on March 22nd, 2011
  15. “foil tape is designed for SMOOTH SURFACES”

    Since when is ANYTHING on the site used on what it is designed for? :-)

  16. Alf on March 23rd, 2011

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