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Rich White Trash (Busted)

The submitter wrote: “A tape repair to the outside mirror of a late model Mercedes-Benz – outside a post office in Richardson, Texas”

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15 Comments to Rich White Trash (Busted)

  1. Well at least they used clear tape that is difficult to spot instead of some strage color of duct tape that bubba got from his sales rep.

  2. Alf on March 22nd, 2011
  3. So since when did cars built in the 90’s become “late model”?

  4. vince on March 22nd, 2011
  5. Eh, it’s just an E-Class anyway, nothing special there. If it was on an S-Class Merc I would be appalled. E-Class is like the “Poor man’s” Merc.

  6. Johnboy on March 22nd, 2011
  7. From the shape of the fender it looks like this is one of the Mercedes Benz with round headlights, in which case it isn’t late model at all, at least a few years old and probably on its second or third owner. Add to this the fact that most Mercedes, Audis, and BMWs are owned by people who can’t actually afford those cars, along with the outrageous price of simple repairs, and this isn’t that unusual at all.

    Also, I’ve never heard anyone use the word “Merc” to describe anything other than a Mercury. The only abbreviation for Mercedes Benz I have heard are Mercedes, Benz, and MB.

  8. Steven on March 22nd, 2011
  9. Not necessarily a kludge. Moulding tape, which is clear, is often used by auto glass shops to hold replacemnt mirrors in until the adhesive sets

  10. Sterno on March 22nd, 2011
  11. The British and Australians call them “Mercs”. Since I own an 86 300E I reserve the right to call them such as well. ;) LOL I do know of calling Mercurys Mercs as well. Especially in reference to the ’50 Merc or “lead sled”. One of my most favorite American cars of all time.

  12. Johnboy on March 22nd, 2011
  13. But yeah, from the look of that fender it’s a frogeye E-Class 96 or newer. My friend just bought a 95 the last year of the w-124 chassis E-class. My 86 is the first year of the w-124 chassis. Also known as one of the better handling 4 door car chassis of it’s time, next to BMW 3 series, 5 series of course.

  14. Johnboy on March 22nd, 2011
  15. Well in America “Mercs” are Mercury’s. I sold them for some time. But those in car business shorten names all the time. A Grand Marquis was just a Grand Marc and a Crown Victoria was a Crown Vic.

  16. Alf on March 23rd, 2011
  17. I am american, i mentioned the Mercury thing in my earlier post. I know all about the shortening of car names, I used to sell also. I have also been a mechanic for 17 years and I operate a private firm for people that are interested in rare, special cars and they don’t feel like going through all the trouble of checking them out and asking the owners all the questions required to get a good one.

  18. Johnboy on March 23rd, 2011
  19. Sounds interesting Johnboy but you make it sound like your cars are hot in more ways than one. :-)

  20. Alf on March 23rd, 2011
  21. If you are implying the cars that I deal with are stolen, sir. You are sadly mistaken. I deal in classic cars, and very desirable cars. Rare finds and just special cars that people have always wanted. Some people don’t know what to look for (problem areas) in a good car that they can drive for a few years or park in their garage and turn around and resell later on. I deal from finding the car all the way through to the end of the SALE with all titles legal and notarized and documentation. It’s all very legit and very lucrative.

  22. anonymous on March 24th, 2011
  23. Well I was being facetious!

    But someday when I get the money I really want a ’67 Ford Galaxie 500 with a 429cj.

  24. Alf on March 24th, 2011
  25. WOW! To find an original one of those is quite rare and depending on the condition… Better save quite a bit ;) Great taste in cars though.

  26. anonymous on March 26th, 2011
  27. At last! Proof that red-neckery knows no financial boundaries!

  28. Fish on March 27th, 2011
  29. Im no car expert, but isnt the mirror that says objects in mirror are closer than the apper usually on the passenger side… and not inverted?

  30. texiy on April 24th, 2011

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