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Redneck Drinking Glasses

Want to know how to make a redneck drinking glass out of a beer bottle without having to use a knife or saw?  Watch the video to find out how. 

SEND US YOUR VIDEOS! Do you have a neat trick on how to do something, do a DIY video and send it to us. If you let us upload it to our video channel and it gets more than 25k views we will send you a WTR T-shirt!

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3 Comments to Redneck Drinking Glasses

  1. Way to destroy your earlobes…

  2. Biff on April 4th, 2014
  3. He looks pretty stupid with hair curlers in his ears. I never would’ve guessed a white boy was part of an African tribe. He seems quite confused.

  4. BB on April 7th, 2014
  5. these white kids clearly are from the suburbs, not from the trailer park!
    and true white trash drinking glasses are 2-liter mountain dew bottles cut in half!
    and why do people put those stupid ass discs in their earlobes?
    it’s not unique nor cool looking, it looks gay and ugly as hell! it looks like it hurts like hell too! people in africa only did that so they would appear so repulsive that slave traders would leave them behind. good luck finding a job.

  6. awhiteguy on April 10th, 2014

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