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Ready with Beer on Ice…

Well as you can see Bubba is getting ready for the big game today.  Who knew that a washer could double as a beer cooler.  I guess when the party is over and the beer is gone you just add soap  and your cooler is clean!

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6 Comments to Ready with Beer on Ice…

  1. Drink up! The spin cycle is about to start!!

  2. sasa on February 6th, 2011
  3. Hurry up and drink before the spin cycle starts!!

  4. sasa on February 6th, 2011
  5. Meh. That’s old stuff, my mother did that when I was kid about 100 years ago. (Actually the early 1970′s)

  6. Phantom Fan on February 6th, 2011
  7. Just think, moments earlier it was full of his tighty-whities.
    Do I smell bacon?

  8. azrider on February 6th, 2011
  9. Am I the only one that sees that the newspaper looks like its the most wanted section with all those mug shots.

  10. Tony on February 6th, 2011
  11. This is old school! Went to a party in middle school where they did this…but with cokes! Pretty smart idea, especially if your washer HAS to be in the kitchen.

  12. MamaMc on February 25th, 2011

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