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Plumbing problem?

What do you mean this isn’t right?  It has the little loopty do that you’re suppose to have and they used purple glue….

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7 Comments to Plumbing problem?

  1. Not only is that wrong, but they glued the end of the trap to the pipe so it’s impossible to clean out. Not that you would ever clean it out because it’s wrong… it’s like a pipe of perpetual wrongness.

  2. the dark ferret on February 24th, 2011
  3. While this is totally messed up. I must say some brands of PVC cement are purple.

  4. Fruitta on February 25th, 2011
  5. No the purple is the primer, it is used before the cement to pre soften the pipe to help it bond when the cement is applied. And what most people don;t realize is the P-Trap when properly installed keeps out sewer gases from backing up into your house.

    Been in the plumbing industry forever…

  6. jobe on February 25th, 2011
  7. I’m not a plumber,but having opened the cabinet door under the sink a few times i know thats wrong.I do appreciate the amount of effort put into it though.

  8. Adam on February 25th, 2011
  9. The purple primer is fine. The colored primer/glue is required in commercial applications so that an inspector can see that you used to correct equipment.

  10. phone man on February 26th, 2011
  11. I really dont see anything wrong here :/

  12. dunno on March 8th, 2011
  13. The pic is on it’s side so the trap will work when the world turns. Purple is the primmer prep for the glue! what a hillbilly holiday!!!

  14. bigthunder1962 on March 23rd, 2011

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