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Not at Walmart!!!

The submitter wrote:  “I took this picture at the entrance of a Walmart in Fort Worth. Who knew that Walmart bags were as handy as duct-tape I’m pretty sure this doesn’t meet code!”

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4 Comments to Not at Walmart!!!

  1. After my dog banging into and splitting open a surgical incision on my ankle we field-bandaged it with some of those blue shop towels (HD paper towel on a roll kind), black electrical tape, and a Walmart bag (so I wouldn’t bleed in the car on the way to the hospital)… Does that count for anything? :D

  2. blah on February 1st, 2011
  3. I hope that that is a temporary emergency repair and not what someone would expect to be permanent. Please tell me someone took this picture as a reference to use when they got to Home Depot

  4. Heywood Jablomie on February 1st, 2011
  5. it isn’t live
    the boxes that are tied up are not connected…

    there is an instillation in progress, and the boxes are simply hung up temporarily before they are screwed into the wall

  6. commenter on February 1st, 2011
  7. I took the picture, and trust me those boxes WERE LIVE when I took the picture. They were still using them to plug in the electric handicapped carts!!!

  8. Russell on February 2nd, 2011

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