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New Years Possum Drop (Video)

New York can keep their crystal ball drop in Brasstown, NC they do the Possum Drop (LIVE possum)! I love the guy at the end who explains how the possum is safe but when its over they let him out and then run him over and have him for dinner.   Happy New Years from the staff at White Trash Repairs, here is to a great year of laughs in 2014!

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11 Comments to New Years Possum Drop (Video)

  1. For one, possums do hang by their tails like that from time to time. And secondly, that is not a “dead possum”, it’s an inanimate object.
    That’s like calling a statue of George Washington a “dead guy on a platform”
    And we all know that pork is the other white meat…

  2. George Johnson on December 31st, 2011
  3. First of all, it’s “opossum”. Second, opossums play dead a lot, so hopefully this one is just playing. If not, those stupid idiots need to be strung up and dropped and see how they like it.

  4. Kendall on January 1st, 2012
  5. fuckin rednecks

  6. perr0x on January 1st, 2012
  7. They should have just shot the damn possum.

  8. anon on January 2nd, 2012
  9. I read somewhere that PETA was being a PITA about this event…glad to see these fine folks went ahead with their fun!

  10. anon on January 3rd, 2012
  11. Video has been removed by user. Somebody folded under the pressure….

  12. Freight Relocation Engineer on September 25th, 2012
  13. Oh, who cares what they do with it; it’s just a freaking ‘possum. Just a stupid animal, and not a very useful one at that. They’re way down the food chain from us. Well, it’s only one link in some places. But still, I’m sure if it was reversed they’d do much worse to us.

  14. Oogie on January 1st, 2014
  15. Hoooo-weeee!

  16. CYbr on January 2nd, 2014
  17. I saw where PETA lost the law suit on the local news slow news day I live in NY state the good part.NYC is the arm pit and Albany is the exit end. I did a internet search on Clays Corner. I have this cool new Possum drop tee shirt. First one in Cayuga county…lol

  18. David on January 5th, 2014
  19. Wouldn’t it be great if in the afterlife humans who were cruel to animals would be subjected to the same torture (or worse) just for the amusement of the crowds? Hoist this old dude up on a crane and …

  20. snake on January 5th, 2014
  21. I know where I will be spending next New Year’s Eve

  22. murphys on January 11th, 2014

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