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Moving a Sofa

Moving a Sofa

This may be one of the stupidest photos I have seen.  I see a dead man in 1, 2, 3….

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6 Comments to Moving a Sofa

  1. They probably took the elevator to get up there in the first place. ;) :) :D :P

  2. Douche Nozzle on September 19th, 2013
  3. After reading the caption … I see a couple of em.

  4. netjnke on September 19th, 2013
  5. LOL – the people on the balcony middle apt on the left…

  6. Billy Bob on September 19th, 2013
  7. You just can’t fix stupid….

  8. Freight Relocation Engineer on September 20th, 2013
  9. So why is it there is never any follow thru photos of these kinds of disasters, I mean if the picture taker stay around for just 10-15 minuets I’m sure there would be a complete picture essay of the events leading up to and thru the disaster.

  10. RONTHEWOLFMAN on September 20th, 2013
  11. That ladder looks over-extended too lol

  12. netjnke on September 20th, 2013

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