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Man VS Bear Trap

VIDEO: You have to be a special kinda stupid to punch a bear trap

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2 Comments to Man VS Bear Trap

  1. It appears to have been a stunt at a radio station, but when you have everyone in the room telling you not to do it, and the Disc Jockey BEGGING you not to do it, don’t you think it would be wise to listen? There’s a 2×4 leaning against the wall! Use that!

    Yup. That boy is one special kind of stoopid!

  2. BB on April 11th, 2014
  3. Even though I knew what was coming that was painful to watch.
    I was surprised that there was no blood. I figured the trap would break human skin.
    If the guy is that stupid too bad he did not use another body to trip the trap so that he could not reproduce.

  4. noodengr on April 14th, 2014

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