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Locking up the TP

OK seriously its what a $2.00 roll of toilet paper? It’s not Fort Knox!

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10 Comments to Locking up the TP

  1. That’s better then a fine from the health inspector.

  2. Ixidor on April 4th, 2011
  3. Prevents embarrassing dilemmas: Handkerchief or dollar bill?

  4. B'ford on April 4th, 2011
  5. It amazes me just how much TP is stolen from truck stops.

    I’ve watched drivers in the fuel islands run out all the paper towels in the dispensers.

  6. Larry Sheldon on April 4th, 2011
  7. I have this at work. Of course I work at a Youth Correctional Facility.

  8. Thomas Swift on April 4th, 2011
  9. If you’re paying $2.00 a roll for toilet paper, you’ve got a bigger problem.

  10. Puzzler on April 4th, 2011
  11. $2 bucks, but priceless to have it there.

  12. gar on April 4th, 2011
  13. And it is Fastend with Phillips head screws….Priceless!

  14. Nate on April 5th, 2011
  15. Yeah believe it or not I wish I had something like this for the store that I work in. We had to start hiding the extra toilet paper in the office until it was needed and I even had my own personal hair brush and a single tampon stolen from the sink. It’s not a public restroom but we let customers us it occasionally but not after this crazy stuff started happening.

  16. Katie on April 7th, 2011
  17. Looks like somebody pissed on the roll to boot.

  18. Biff on June 4th, 2011
  19. i’ve seen this a few places

  20. chris on December 14th, 2011

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