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Lazy Dog Walking

Lazy Dog Walking

How pathetic do you have to be that you can’t get your lazy a$$ up to take the dog for a walk?  Nice going dude, you’re an idiot!

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5 Comments to Lazy Dog Walking

  1. This is animal cruelty. This happened in San Diego where a woman walking her dog this way actually ran over the dog and killed it. If you see this sort of thing stop them immediately!

  2. TeacherX on February 3rd, 2013
  3. There have been several people in my state that received animal cruelty charges for doing this. Even with a golf cart.

  4. anon on February 3rd, 2013
  5. I’ve seen that up here in Chicagoland (northeast Illinois). Northerners do it too.

  6. Clark Kent on February 6th, 2013
  7. I think this is illegal. :(

  8. Mo on February 8th, 2013
  9. I’ve done this with my lawn tractor. I’m disabled with arthritis and I use it like a Handicapped cart. I keep my dog on a short leash. It has a hydrostatic transmisson so all I have to do to stop is take my foot off the pedal. If I fall off the seat has a kill switch that turns it off and stops it. I travel slower than a person can walk so yes it’s safe. My little dog really loves it too. I consider it safer than those handicapped carts you find at wal-mart because those things do not stop when you want them to.

  10. carl on February 10th, 2013

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