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Lame-ass landlord repair

The submitter wrote: “Tenant instructions: 1) Call the landlord to report thermostat is making a hissing sound; 2) help maintenance guy move a bookcase blocking access to the thing that needs ‘fixin; 3) provide maintenance guy with paper clip he requests.
Maintenance guy instructions: 1) bend hissing hose over paper clip; 2) wrap with tape; 3) most important: leave the thing hanging off the wall and the bookcase you moved exactly where you moved it; 4) call it good; 5) go back to whatever you were doing before the repair job.”

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2 Comments to Lame-ass landlord repair

  1. Thats looks like something my landlord fixed

  2. minniemom on January 31st, 2011
  3. This rig job will probably keep the thermostat working until the correct part arrives in the mail in two weeks. That’s why they didn’t put the bookcase back. Too bad they couldn’t leave a note to explain the slapdash repair.

  4. Rhinoguy on March 6th, 2011

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