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Just A Little Unsafe (16 photos)

16 photos of why this car is so unsafe and should never be allowed on the road. Besides the holes in the floor large enough for a child to fall though and the gas can on the passenger seat hooked up to the engine what other problems do you see here?

“We have a Trooper Tale and the pictures tell the whole story. On July 1, 2012, an Minnesota State Patrol Trooper stopped this old Ford Pinto for unsafe equipment on US 53 in Koochiching Co. You can see why in these photos. Much of the vehicle was rusted out. A tire was actually holding in the front seat. And gas can – which was resting on what would be the passenger’s seat – had been rigged up to the engine. The car was impounded and the driver was cited for a number of violations including; no Minnesota License and unsafe equipment.” Photos Courtesy: Minnesota State Patrol Facebook Page

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20 Comments to Just A Little Unsafe (16 photos)

  1. At least the major problem with the Ford Pinto has been addrressed. Having the fuel tank in the rear was always a fire hazard. I’m not sure that have multiple fuel tanks (boat tanks at that) INSIDE the passenger compartment is a terrific idea, but at least it does away with the concern for fires after rear-end collisions…

  2. Bill on July 17th, 2012
  3. It’s a FORD PINTO. You know FORD as in “Found On Road Dead” only the owner of this POS keeps bringing it back to life. Let it go man, RIP Pinto!

  4. Wizzard on July 17th, 2012
  5. this is a bogus pic. This car wouldnt pass inspection anywhere and can’t be driven on the street. Therefore it being an unsafe car is neither here nor there. It doesn’t matter if its safe because you cant drive it. if you could why didnt they publish a pic of the valid inspection sticker? Because it doesnt exist. Duh! At least publish stuff that is 1/2 way believable

  6. lock on July 17th, 2012
  7. Lock you’re a fucking idiot. Yeah I’m sure they faked 16 photos and they also got the “Photos Courtesy: Minnesota State Patrol Facebook Page” to fake it too. Go back to your meth house or maybe you own this POS.


  8. LISA on July 17th, 2012
  9. according to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_inspection_in_the_United_States#States_without_safety.2C_emissions.2C_or_VIN_inspections there are many states that only require limited or don’t at all require vehicle safety inspections.
    So this is real, and it’s spectacular.

  10. geedavey on July 17th, 2012
  11. Yeah, my state doesn’t require inspections. They used to do random ones on the roadside, but not anymore. I’m sure there are others that don’t either.

  12. netjnke on July 17th, 2012
  13. It doesn’t exactly look like it’s pulled off along the road though either.

  14. netjnke on July 17th, 2012
  15. in Idaho this car would be street legal it has fenders lights and mirrors and wipers i have run state owned ones that are worse off look at a snowplow sometime

  16. merve on July 17th, 2012
  17. Looking at the car and the background this looks like a junkyard car to me. I’ve seen and driven around a couple of yards in them.

  18. David G on July 17th, 2012
  19. Why, that’s EXACTLY what I need sitting next to me inside a FORD PINTO!! A gas can, why I can’t see why that would be a problem at all. I guess, it’d do me in a bit quicker and stop “some” of the suffering I might experience.

    Lock, many states do NOT have inspections. if it hasn’t killed the driver by now, they’ll let it on the road. Sad but true.

  20. George Johnson on July 17th, 2012
  21. Ship it down to the Dominican Republic…… it would be considered a “cream puff” down there ;-)

  22. Mot on July 18th, 2012
  23. Demolition derbys typically require the gas tank to be moved to the interior of the vehicle. That could be the reason for this placement.

  24. JB on July 18th, 2012
  25. That brings me back… our family had that exact same Pinto wagon, only in baby blue. Ah, memories.

  26. TenderVittles on July 18th, 2012
  27. Lock you must live Cali. Michigan doesn’t inspect private owned and used vehicles, and I’m pretty sure more states don’t inspect than do.

  28. Biff on July 18th, 2012
  29. Maryland only requires that your car pass a semi-annual emissions test, and if the car is past a certain age, they waive that. The only time a vehicle must pass a safety inspection is if you are selling it – and I can’t imagine anybody ever wanting to purchase this sweet baby.

  30. Lady Anne on July 18th, 2012
  31. This is the scariest looking thing I’ve ever seen on this site

  32. Cybr on July 19th, 2012
  33. Good news is you don’t have to roll down the windows for air.
    Bad news is, you can’t roll the windows down or up…

  34. verygood@this.now on July 24th, 2012
  35. This is not at a junkyard, it’s the police impound yard. Having the gas can next to you is not unsafe at all. To think you people call yourselves “white trash” or “redneck”. You probably live in your fancy two-story house in the suburbs!

    The reason for the interior gas tank because the original one has rusted-out, or puts too much rust debris into the fuel, which contaminates the fuel or clogs the filter on the pump.

    Also, tire #1 is for support for the new fuel tank, and tire #2 is for lumbar support for the seat, in case you could not figure that out.

    Go find YouTube user “Davidsfarmlives”. He makes these gas cans for his private farm joyriding cars by sinking the fuel pump into a clean plastic chemical/paint bucket (has a strong-snapping lid) filled with fuel. He fastens it to behind the driver’s seat with bungee cords and goes joyriding about with no trouble at all.

    I would totally buy this car for anywhere under $1,000. Pinto Wagons are getting very rare, and a lot of this can be fixed with a few days with a welding torch and some galvanized sheet metal.

    Here in Northern Indiana, the car would not be given a second look (by police anyways). My neighbor has fully licensed and registered TWO cars that look like this. He only gets in trouble for having non-functioning headlights or taillights (loose wire connections), or for having the cars sit in one spot on the street for too long.


  36. SeberHusky on July 31st, 2012
  37. Oh, and for some reason, the links in my previous comment are invisible. Just left click with your mouse, and drag it under the area under where I wrote “look” and they will be uncovered. They are links to my own photos of 2 out of 5 of my neighbor’s vehicles.

  38. SeberHusky on July 31st, 2012
  39. lock needs to do his research, not all states require safety inspections, so this could completely make it onto the road in those regions.

  40. games on December 29th, 2012

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