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It’s just a log

Really a log?  You couldn’t go with just a board?  I can’t imagine the extra weight is a good thing on the back of the car.  I’m betting that would screw up any car that would rear ended you.

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14 Comments to It’s just a log

  1. that’s a recycled, custom fitted, bio-degradable, ecologically sound, alternative lifestyle, emergency campfire bumper and traction enhancer.

  2. dave on December 5th, 2010
  3. lmfao Dave!! You took the words right out of my fingers!!

  4. linda on December 5th, 2010
  5. He’s just keeping with the OUTBACK theme!

  6. Bobba-Lou on December 5th, 2010
  7. Bubba’s big city friend told him about his Blog so Bubba had to go git him self a bLog to show off to all his pal’s around town.

  8. Tom Harris on December 5th, 2010
  9. Bobba-Lou beat me to pointing out that it’s on an Outback. lol. The weight that it adds to the rear-end could prove helpful for the winter.

  10. Karen on December 5th, 2010
  11. What rolls down stairs
    alone or in pairs,
    and over your neighbor’s dog?
    What’s great for a snack,
    And fixes your outback?
    It’s log, log, log

  12. Lala in Lalaland on December 5th, 2010
  13. That, I believe is a new eco-survival bumper from Colorado Survival Customs. In case you get stranded, you have the means to keep warm once your gas tank runs out.

  14. bob on December 5th, 2010
  15. OMG @ Dave, exactly right bwhauauaua

  16. Nanc on December 5th, 2010
  17. A new invention sold at Log City
    Says this is dumb and just plain sh*tty
    Chain it to the back
    So it looks stupid, Jack
    And find yourself subjected to pity!

  18. Cheap Parts on December 5th, 2010
  19. The only thing that would have made it better would be a bumper sticker attached with roofing nails.

  20. Jonesy on December 5th, 2010
  21. A man at my church has a cow bell hanging from the bottom of his bumper. He told me it is his redneck beeper.

  22. Jerry on December 6th, 2010
  23. It’s better than bad, it’s good!!

  24. KZEd on December 6th, 2010
  25. The chain mount is a nice touch.

  26. speed racer on December 6th, 2010
  27. Rats, I was gonna do a Ren and Stimpy reference, but 2 people beat me to it!

  28. justplainnuts on March 13th, 2011

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