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I Love Donuts!

Who doesn’t love a good motorcycle donut?  Ok so maybe not in the house.  I hope you have a good floor buffer not that you will need it since you might be dead from the carbon monoxide!

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16 Comments to I Love Donuts!

  1. Is that from the movie ‘Weird Science???’

  2. Chester Copperpot on September 27th, 2010
  3. That was a lovely hard wood floor at one time.

  4. Carlos Sanchez on September 27th, 2010
  5. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! if the carbon monoxide doesn’t kill you I will!!

  6. sweet momma on September 27th, 2010
  7. owners or renters?

  8. Granpappoo on September 27th, 2010
  9. Let me guess…..they rent.

  10. gar on September 27th, 2010
  11. love YOUR message, Chester!! LMAO!!

  12. LooLoo on September 27th, 2010
  13. rental-what do you mean we don’t get our deposit back? that was like that when we got here dude

  14. dave on September 27th, 2010
  15. Ummmm….where is the REPAIR here?

  16. Tom on September 27th, 2010
  17. No beers were spilled in the making of this donut

  18. skunkriv on September 27th, 2010
  19. hahahahahaha!!

  20. Charles on September 27th, 2010
  21. I wonder if the landlord was as impressed as this guy’s friends?

  22. Snake Plissken on September 28th, 2010
  23. Obviously this guy is single. Can you imagine what “the ‘ol lady” would say after comming home to this redecorating job?

  24. Bobba-Lou on September 28th, 2010
  25. the repair job is they painted the floor black but you dont see that picture. lol

  26. rose on September 30th, 2010
  27. The repair is that there was a terrible pet smell in the furniture .. repaired !

  28. JAvlin on October 1st, 2010
  29. Looks like some kind of clubhouse or hangout which was probably bought for this exact purpose.

  30. Fajitas on October 9th, 2010
  31. My guess is that the owner decided not too let them renew the lease. That’s a big damn room though, old factory maybe?

  32. Smurfzilla on October 23rd, 2011

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