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Home Made Camper…..WTF is the world coming to???

The submitter wrote: “All I can say is WOW!!!!  It would probably be better if it was Birch???”  Humm wonder if on the other side is spray painted “Free Candy Kids”?

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9 Comments to Home Made Camper…..WTF is the world coming to???

  1. If this guy likes to use Birch, he needs to lighten up, cause Birch is heavy.
    Maybe he better use Son of Birch.

  2. Cheap Parts on December 1st, 2010
  3. “Free Candy Kids” WTF yourself, not everybody can conform to your idea of what is proper. and if I were this guy I would whup your ass for implying I was a pedophile because of how my camper looked…..Kind of makes me wonder what you think about all the time butthead.

  4. Rick on December 1st, 2010

  6. Bobba-Lou on December 1st, 2010
  7. @Rick Dude lighten up it was a joke I’m sure. What did they touch on a touchy subject, member of NAMBLA are you? Besides I’m pretty sure the owner of that POS probably can’t afford a computer.

  8. Mark on December 1st, 2010
  9. love the tin roof

  10. Jim on December 1st, 2010
  11. Actually, with the Texas license plate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a ‘coyote’, transported some undocumented ‘contract labor’.

  12. MustangGuy on December 1st, 2010
  13. I hope that’s pressure treated lumber!

  14. cher on December 2nd, 2010
  15. More than likely a deer camp rig.

  16. Patrick on December 2nd, 2010
  17. And narry a winder in sight…..

    Rick, why did you even come here? What did you expect to see?

    I think, nobody would care about a home made camper, IF it were executed properly. This isn’t.

    I understand your point, and to each their own. I saw a video of a home made house boat that lots of people were laughing at. But if you think about it, it was great! But it was pretty well executed too. (except for the “bathroom” which was just a hole over the water.)

    Most people, after the thought about, agreed and changed their mind.

    I would STILL not like this as a “camper.”

  18. George Johnson on December 2nd, 2010

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