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High class tarp drain

The submitter wrote: “I saw this today and I just had to marvel at the effort that was put into the “roof leak fix via tarp” fix.  I mean, to go all out and install a sink drain complete with all the proper fittings to connect a hose to? Nowhere do I see duct tape employed in this masterpiece.  Bravo, simply bravo!”

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9 Comments to High class tarp drain

  1. this isn’t a white trash repair. They make tarps like this for just this purpose. If you know the roof is leaking at least you can direct the water to a specific spot via the drain and hose until you get the leak fixed. This is especially helpful if you have several leaks in the same general area.

  2. bitchy the dwarf on February 4th, 2011
  3. it is called a diverter. they using it to “divert” roof leak. especially in mission critical areas where millions of dollars worth of equipment are installed.

    this should be removed.

  4. knowitall on February 4th, 2011
  5. This one looks like he ripped open a waterbed mattress and used the fill spout as a drain.

  6. Joe on February 4th, 2011
  7. They have one of these in the gym at our school because the roof is leaking.

  8. Kyle on February 4th, 2011
  9. No first of all.. that is a tarp. That is a tarp with a bathroom sink drain stuck into the tarp. He took the sink drain and found fittings to adapt down to a garden hose. I know he had to grind one down and glue it into the pipe to do this. It’s hanging by string tied off to the pipes in the ceiling. Sorry, this is more white trash than many others here on this site!

  10. Lee on February 4th, 2011
  11. PS… I saw this again today, and it failed over the weekend soaking the entire office floor. I guess it leaked faster than the hose could drain and then overfilled!

  12. Lee on February 7th, 2011
  13. they make these and sell them in industrial catalogs, one major brand name is PIG. as for holding it up with string that is fairly normal procedure with these things.

  14. James Billingham on February 8th, 2011
  15. This is a very common thing to see. If you look up at the ceiling at the New York Convention Center, or in pretty much almost any other industrial building, You’ll see this at just about every single one of those places.

  16. Frank on February 8th, 2011
  17. This is too well put together for a whitetrash fix. its a hig density water proof tarp. not a normal tarp. its made for this type of thing. this are actually made and sold in stores.

  18. Tyler on February 17th, 2011

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