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Grading Cheese

Grading Cheese

Why haven’t I thought of this?

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6 Comments to Grading Cheese

  1. So what grade did it get? A, B or was that grating?

  2. Toni on February 7th, 2014
  3. Maybe that’s ebonics.

  4. snake on February 8th, 2014
  5. That should be ‘GRATING’, not ‘grading’

  6. Jabba on February 10th, 2014
  7. That should be ‘grating’, not ‘grading’.

  8. Jabba on February 10th, 2014
  9. “Grading” cheese? Seriously? Did the mods here really write that? Wow. People really are getting dumber and dumber.

  10. BB on February 10th, 2014
  11. Be glad they didn’t write “chee’s”.

  12. tafinaf on February 10th, 2014

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