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“So this contraption I call Frankenvent!  Our server count quickly outgrew our cooling capacity and the cost to redesign the correct cooling and racks was beyond our means so I came up with this.  A couple of trips to Home Depot, a couple of large high CFM attic fans, duct fans, duct work, lots of duct tape and its alive!!!  Frankenvent!  It sucks the hot air right off the back of the servers up and out of the server room just adding one of these dropped the room temperature over 5 degrees in less than 30 minutes.  I installed a second Frankenvent and our computer room sits at a cool 69 degrees thanks to some duct tape and red neck ingenuity! :)”

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5 Comments to Frankenven​t!

  1. With some more work you may have a real product there. Simple fans are way cheaper to run than AC.

  2. B on June 2nd, 2012
  3. Hey, I’m impressed.

  4. skwirlwind on June 3rd, 2012
  5. We just used a portable AC since our built in AC couldn’t deal with it no matter what. Vented the hot side right into the ceiling. Noisy, but boy did it work!

  6. George Johnson on June 3rd, 2012
  7. I’ve seen worse in telephone company central offices.

  8. Clark Kent on June 4th, 2012
  9. I’ve seen similar schemes like this before. Most server cabinet systems now a days have vent routing similar to this where the heat gets pulled directly up the backside of the cabinet and out a single vent that you can then pipe to the outside or through to a A/C air recycler.

  10. Greg Taylor on June 4th, 2012

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