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Duct Tape Quick Fix

The submitter wrote: “Tried to use Duct Tape to fix my Cars cracked radiator it worked for a little while, But every couple of miles I had to change up the melted Tape.”

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1 Comment to Duct Tape Quick Fix

  1. ….the true expert in white trash repairs seldom travels without duct tape or JB Weld…. kwik is great for a job like this…also seals gas tanks with holes knocked into them by a horseshoe…true story that one… even regular JB Weld would work for this application… just takes overnight to cure…. I just recenty fixed a cracked toilet tank with JB Kwik…. so if your tight on bucks or the car just isn’t worth buy a radiator… try that stuff… never had it fail…lol

  2. Busted Flush on August 29th, 2011

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