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Duct Tape Bandit – Part 2

Well after thinking we might have found the king of White Trash in this post “Bubba ain’t no Dr.” we were informed that nope he is simply the Duct Tape Bandit.   We now present you the video to go with it (after receiving requests for it)

Dude, I think you might just be the White Trash king of the day but I dunno I gotta “Do The Math”

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7 Comments to Duct Tape Bandit – Part 2

  1. Dude, I’ve got some news for you – you’re white! Yup, just look in the mirror if you don’t believe me…

  2. ~*Amanda*~ on May 25th, 2010
  3. Ladies and gentlemen,….. TARDO of the MONTH!!

  4. Karma Hoser on May 26th, 2010
  5. For once, on a video with a soundtrack, I think the absolute perfect choice of music! The first two lines of the song couldn’t have said it better!

  6. Joe Williams on May 27th, 2010
  7. the soundtrack is perfect, and I did the math! it’s you baby……..

  8. steve-o on May 27th, 2010
  9. Very awesome read! Truely!

  10. Antonia Jimenez on May 28th, 2010
  11. I’m going to assume the Nickleback thing was to accentuate the white trash theme.

    If not, someone needs to be beaten for ruining the video. Nickleback is terrible and if you think otherwise, you’re retarded.

  12. Drew on May 29th, 2010
  13. If only more people would read about this.

  14. Agustin Christensen on May 29th, 2010

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