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Double Lift

Now you know this is not going to end well at all.  Someone is going to get hurt and someone will be calling OSHA.

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5 Comments to Double Lift

  1. I know an insurance adjuster who would have a coronary over this sight. OMG…

  2. Lori on February 22nd, 2011
  3. that fork lift must have the LONGEST FORKS ever i can’t imagine how it got the scissors lift on top of that roof with out tipping forward even with counter weights

  4. RONTHEWOLFMAN on February 22nd, 2011
  5. Men should never run with sizzer lifts. lol

  6. Ronald Zasadny on February 23rd, 2011
  7. Saw a pic in a OSHA training manual on the same sort of thing – it was one ten ton forklift lifting a four ton forklift lifting a skid of something onto the roof of a factory somewhere in Asia. Caption read “Never EVER do this!”

  8. heywood jablomie on March 6th, 2011
  9. what dumb boss approved that??

  10. savanna on June 30th, 2011

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