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Bull Horns & Dead Stuffed Squirrel

OK I must say I about fell out of my chair laughing when these pictures rolled across my screen.  Its not ever day that you see a dead squirrel mounted on bull horns as a hood ornament.  I think these pictures sum up white trash perfectly!  I love the Christian plate and the fact that they are at a liquor store…priceless!

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6 Comments to Bull Horns & Dead Stuffed Squirrel

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  2. Bull Horns & Dead Stuffed Squirrel | Android Aftermarket on December 22nd, 2010
  3. dead squirrel, longhorns… I believe there may be a good story behind that Disabled Parking tag.

  4. Yakov Smirnov on December 22nd, 2010
  5. Wait, you laughed when this rolled across your screen? Then you’re just as disgusting and trashy as the person who did this. Probably one of those idiots who doesn’t watch where they’re going when driving and hit the poor thing, and this was their brilliant idea. Christian tag? I hope they burn in hell for animal cruelty.

  6. Kendall on December 22nd, 2010
  7. LMAO ahhhh come on Kendall, its total white trash in all its glory there. No I have never hit a critter to date yet (and I drive a big ass Suburban). I do however see them (squirrels) dead on the side of the road from time to time. Who knows if he hit it or it was road kill from a while back. Either way yes I did laugh at it. They strapped it on with electrical tape, that is funny!

  8. DebbieWTR on December 22nd, 2010
  9. We agree on one thing – it is white trash it all its glory.

  10. Kendall on December 23rd, 2010
  11. Yes, that is truly the trifecta of redneck – the horns/squirrel hood ornament, Christian license plate, and liquor store sign in the background! Somebody really went to a lot of trouble to get this just right. And for that, we thank you..

  12. Derek on March 28th, 2011

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