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Creative Plumbing

Creative Plumbing

The submitter actually PAID the plumber to do the install.  The plumber was fired after, wonder why???

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3 Comments to Creative Plumbing

  1. What exactly is wrong with it, beside the basic aesthetics? It appears to be functional, the traps are in place, avoided sharp 90 degree turns and used primer. The T could be directly over the drain. It would look neater, but the sink’s trap would have to be down at the same level, which would leave less storage room on the bottom of the cabinet.

  2. Buba on April 22nd, 2014
  3. So this plumber was fired because the results weren’t pretty?

  4. Bud on April 22nd, 2014
  5. only 1 P trap is needed, if plumbed correctly, also there is no air vent/breather cap as code requires. This is a total cluster fuck plain and simple, this individual should not be allowed near water and or sewer lines ever again

  6. ronthewolfman on April 22nd, 2014

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