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The submitter wrote: “This is what happens when your friends don’t tell you that they don’t own a cork screw, but want to drink the wine anyway”

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7 Comments to Cork-screwed

  1. Of all the things I’ve used to remove a cork when I can’t find a corkscrew I have never thought of this. So obvious after you’ve seen it.

  2. Mutley on March 27th, 2011
  3. or you could just slowly push the cork into the bottle with a blunt object. then carefully pour the first glass, or do the straight from the bottle swig. But you might have to carefully shake while swigging. I have vast experience with this method.

  4. Dave on March 27th, 2011
  5. Dave, we used a stilletto one night to do that, worked great. as far as the wood screw and a pair of pliers, also done that on a few occassions

  6. John on March 28th, 2011
  7. A screwdriver works well too. I’ve also used a metal nail file when in desperation. I remember driving all over town, on an overnight trip trying desperately to find a corkscrew (liquor stores aren’t allowed to carry them in TN), only to end up using a toothbrush to jam the cork down into the bottle. I think I still have pics of that adventure.

  8. niftychicky on March 29th, 2011
  9. Thats why I just buy wine with screw on lids, ah July was a very good month, care to sniff the cap.

  10. Beerrunner on March 30th, 2011
  11. I’ve done this. Multiple times. Way better than any other method I’ve tried (short of just buying a corkscrew like a quitter). Doesn’t end with bits of cork in your booze. WTG on catching a photo of it ;)

  12. Jusen Robertson on April 3rd, 2011
  13. I love how it’s a sub $10 bottle of wine too.

  14. Chris on April 8th, 2011

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