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Changing The Street Light

Changing The Street Light

How many points if you hit a guy on a ladder in the street changing a light bulb?  I don’t care how much you pay me no way would I do this.

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4 Comments to Changing The Street Light

  1. Wouldn’t you at least park your truck with the blinkers on in front of the ladder? You can’t fix stupid.

  2. Cybr on July 12th, 2013
  3. He probably did have his truck parked there but his practical joker coworker decided to have some fun-hoping to get something that would get a lot of hits on youtube.

  4. snake on July 12th, 2013
  5. c’mon, he’s got his safety vest on.

  6. nosmo king on July 12th, 2013
  7. Eurotrash repair maybe; say what you will about US workers, but they wouldn’t put up with conditions like that.

  8. Oogie on July 13th, 2013

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