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President’s Day Sale

President's Day Sale

President’s Day Sale 1/2 off Cars and bikes!

Duct Tape Flowers

Duct Tape Flowers

Who the hell needs real flowers when  you have duct tape?

Bubba Clause is comin’ to town

The submitter wrote: “Looks like Bubba is on his way, dont forget to leave him out a 6-pack and a Slim Jim.”

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Redneck Trucker Outhouse

Redneck Trucker OuthouseRedneck Trucker OuthouseRedneck Trucker OuthouseRedneck Trucker Outhouse

94 Kenworth Sleeper…
Fully insulated – winter happiness
Electric lights – use as needed
Dish TV – don’t miss a DUCKS game
Tuck and roll walls – for easy cleaning
4 doors – great summer air flow and hose out cleaning
2 windows – light air flow
Front porch – with side wind break/privacy
Dual roll TP dispenser – less refills
6 shelves – reading materials & drinks
Truck sleeper size hole – semi-perm spot
Lean back put your feet up, relax and watch nature go by


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