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Car Seat Fix

The submitter wrote: “The seat on my car broke, and I was falling back unable to drive so I propped it up with part of a broomstick that happened to be laying around…”  This is also our first picture from Jerusalem, Israel :)

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7 Comments to Car Seat Fix

  1. all I can think about is being rear ended and that wood stick going into my body you might wanna think of a new way to fix the seat that wont pierce your internal organs.

  2. vintagemommy on June 15th, 2011
  3. thought of that myself… at least find some way to make a T and brace all the way across the seat… no bodily punctures or pokin holes in seat either

  4. handyman on June 15th, 2011
  5. If this is in Israel why is there a dead Pig in the backseat?

  6. Jobe on June 15th, 2011
  7. Why doesn’t he just prop up the seat with the dead bodies of Palestinian children?

  8. David_G on June 16th, 2011
  9. DAVID, do everyone a favor and shut up.

  10. RED on June 16th, 2011
  11. Hit a bump, instant kidney removal.

    Also, I agree with Red- shutup David.

  12. MustangGuy on June 16th, 2011
  13. This isn’t redneck… it’s just plain dumb.

  14. Matt on June 16th, 2011

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