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Caption Contest 12-4-12

T-SHIRT TUESDAY CAPTION CONTEST: Words escape us so help us come up with the best caption for this photo. Best caption posted to the website, our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter OR to our Google+ page will win a FREE t-shirt. The winner will be chosen tomorrow to give everyone a chance to play but only one winner will be chosen. Remember share the laugh and repost the photo”

And the winner is…… Andrea Wikel Fiske (website comment) with “DoomsDay Prepper – White Trash Style!”

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15 Comments to Caption Contest 12-4-12

  1. Redneck Bunsen burner.

  2. James on December 4th, 2012
  3. Lol, it’s a redneck crockpot!

  4. robin mackey on December 4th, 2012
  5. one more candle will git ti to 375 deg.

  6. John Castro on December 4th, 2012
  7. DoomsDay Prepper – White Trash Style!

  8. Andrea Wikel Fiske on December 4th, 2012
  9. lectric done been turnt off agin…………..

  10. merwin61 on December 4th, 2012
  11. Who needs a fancy lab to cook up the “stuff”?

  12. DJ KlownZ on December 4th, 2012
  13. It’ll be ready in oh….3 days or so!

  14. Leslie on December 4th, 2012
  15. Don’t care about any contest. A pressure cooker? With 4 candles? Redneck Canning?

  16. girlwatcher on December 4th, 2012
  17. Who says venison jelly wouldn’t be a hit just gotta cook it a bit slower.

  18. John Wright on December 4th, 2012
  19. No power outage is stoppin them from getting their spaghetti-o fix

  20. netjnke on December 4th, 2012
  21. Self extinguishing pressure cooker. It will fall soon.

  22. Roy on December 4th, 2012
  23. Redneck Mamma’s Countertop Moonshine

  24. Phyllis on December 4th, 2012
  25. The Joy of Cooking – Meth Recipe.

  26. Smokey on December 4th, 2012
  27. White trash’s idea of a hi-tech meth lab!

  28. BB on December 5th, 2012
  29. Cooking meth on a budget…

  30. Mike on December 5th, 2012

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