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Bubba’s Armored Vehicle

Bubba's Armored Vehicle

Mad Max has nothing on Bubba and his work of art in this tank.

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10 Comments to Bubba’s Armored Vehicle

  1. Doesn’t look street legal!

  2. Bob the LumberJack on February 7th, 2013
  3. Looks like a tornado chaser.

  4. Wormy McSquirmy on February 7th, 2013
  5. looks like a Bubba moon lander

  6. Peter on February 7th, 2013
  7. I’d die laughing if Kraftwerk came out of that car!

  8. Tim on February 7th, 2013
  9. Hooo-Weee! I’ma gonna chase me a tornader like them fellers on TV.

  10. Cybr on February 7th, 2013
  11. Aw, that’s gotta be something like a float in a parade or something. This just can’t be real. As in just some guys every day car, he did himself, for driving around town. Just can’t be.

  12. George Johnson on February 7th, 2013
  13. What is this guy trolling for??

  14. Roy on February 7th, 2013
  15. Looks like shit.

  16. anon on February 7th, 2013
  17. It goes with his tin foil helmet.

  18. Kessog on February 8th, 2013
  19. What is the flat top for ? Dead bodies ?

  20. LPP on February 9th, 2013

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