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Box too Long?? Or cap too Short??

Somehow this reminds me of a fat girl trying to squeeze into skinny jeans.  Try all you want but its not going to fit.

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3 Comments to Box too Long?? Or cap too Short??

  1. Its Cab, not cap…

  2. pj on July 31st, 2011
  3. Actually it is a cap! the fiberglass thing covering the truck bed is a Truck CAP… not a truck CAB a cab is the area where you sit.

  4. A on August 3rd, 2011
  5. CAPS are usually aftermarket covers for the tops of the bed rails and tailgate whereas the CAB is the area that the driver and their passengers sit.

    The fiberglass thingy is, however, USUALLY referred to as a CANOPY.

  6. Alfred E. Newman on November 21st, 2012

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