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All hail the ratchet strap!

The submitter wrote: “My real spring compressor won’t grab enough of the spring to get the strut mount off.  So I used the ratchet straps.  Make sure you wrap the webbing around twice for mechanical advantage.  All hail the ratchet strap!”

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3 Comments to All hail the ratchet strap!

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  2. All hail the ratchet strap! | Android Aftermarket on December 24th, 2010
  3. That’s just asking to lose an eye, finger, some other appendage, or your life… Fail Bubba, fail. Those aren’t even good straps, they’re the 4 for $12 Walmart straps.

  4. Scott on December 24th, 2010
  5. I can see a Darwin award in the making. A spring compressor is much cheaper than a funeral or ER visit.

  6. William on December 24th, 2010

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