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420 Friendly Eye Drops

Now that its the day after some of you might need this…  The submitter wrote: “These new 420 Friendly eye drops are the Bomb!   Now you can keep your eyes from getting red without the risk of stabbing yourself with the dropper.”

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6 Comments to 420 Friendly Eye Drops

  1. Maybe I’m just weird but I have never been afraid of stabbing myself in the eye while putting in eye drops.

  2. Phantom Fan on April 21st, 2011
  3. Since when are Orientals considered “white trash?”

  4. Douchey Douche on April 21st, 2011
  5. looks like a prank to me

  6. dave on April 21st, 2011
  7. If you pull your lower eyelid out a little by putting a finger below it a quarter inch, and pull down lightly, you can get the drops to go in by capillary action; just touch the drop to the inner edge of the eyelid and it’ll go right in. You don’t even have to come that close to your eyeball.

    That should be written on every bottle of eyedrops, but apparently its some sort of secret.

  8. Oogie on April 24th, 2011
  9. I think the point here is that if you Smoke enough 420, you’ll need eye drops, and will likely be too Stoned to apply them without stabbing your eye out. 420 is a Stoner code word for POT, WEED, Bud… Smoke 420, get red eyes, apply eye drops safely ;-) Not that I have any experience. Last time I had some it was in 10th grade, hanging out with my buddy Bill. Bill Clinton was his name, Horny SOB he was…

  10. JF on April 28th, 2011
  11. This pic has been around a long time. It’s usually in lists that feature “weird” or “strange” inventions. the submitter is very likely not the person who took the pic, but stole it from somewhere else on the internet so he could say; “Look, Ma! My name’s on the computer!”

  12. Akumetsu on July 12th, 2011

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