Trash-tober Fest

Let the Halloween Games Begin!  To mix it up and have some fun we thought we would have a Halloween  Photo Contest!  Send us pictures of your White Trash Halloween.  Now the pictures could be your display or your costume, but they must be ORIGINAL PHOTOS !



1)  To enter the contest send your original photo to

2) You must be at least  13 years of age to enter and you can not be an employee of Bubba Network Inc or Three Ring Blogs.

3) The contest will start on October 1st, 2011 at 12:01am (EST).  Submissions will be taken up to October 30th, 2011 with a cut off time of 8pm EST.  Voting for the photos will continue till Halloween Night October 31st at 10pm (EST).

4) Each photo submitted will be posted nightly on Facebook in our album found HERE.  The photo with the most “Likes” on October 31st, 2011 at 10PM (EST) will be declared the winner.  There will be 3 winners chosen (prizes listed below).

5) We hold the right to determine if your contest submission is truly “White Trash”.  Sending us in a picture of your kid dressed as a ninja won’t get you posted.  Also note that we are a “family friendly” site so please don’t send us naked fat bodies painted up as pumpkins (go figure our advertisers freak out over stuff like that).  Again we are also stressing ORIGINAL photos only.  It doesn’t have to be your yard display but you have to be the person taking the photograph or it be a photograph of you.  If we find it was a photo snagged from the internet it will be removed from the contest.


1st Place:  $50.00 CASH, T-shirt, Baseball Cap, Coffee Mug, Tote Bag, Bumper Sticker and Key Chain Flashlight

2nd Place:  T-shirt, Baseball Cap, Coffee Mug, Tote Bag, Bumper Sticker and Key Chain Flashlight

3rd Place:  T-shirt &  your choice of Ball Cap or Coffee Mug

BONUS PRIZE ANYONE CAN WIN:  If you submit us a photo (that fits the rules above) and include a sign that says “” in it (has to be a real sign and not photoshopped in) we will send you a White Trash Repairs bumper sticker FREE just for entering!  See example below:




***In case of a tie it will be up to the admin to declare a winner

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