Porch Light


Porch light blinker

The submitter wrote: “This dude crashed his S-10 into the local Shell Station putting on his flip-flop.. He used his grandmothers porch light to make his blinker..”  I’m really hoping that grandma beat the snot out of him for stealing her porch light, hope she used his flip flop too!

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Porch Light… M Lovin’ It!

Porch Light... M Lovin' It!

“My latest porch light invention. Great way to re-use a cup and protect my expensive LED bulb (which does not fit the original cover). “M Lovin’ It”!”

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2 Comments DIY  //  hillbilly  //  Kludge  //  Redneck Fix  //  Redneck Repairs  //  White Trash Repair
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