Punxsutawney Phil Loaf

Ok no one wants 6 more weeks of winter but dang who cooked up poor Phil.  PETA is not going to be happy about this one.

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PETA PSA… Eating Chicken Wings = Small Penis.  
Yes I said penis.  Peta was protesting National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York.  So if you happen to be a male fan with small parts blame your mom, she probably ate chicken wings!
Peta sent an open letter to the president of that festival…..

Dear Mr. Cerza:

You may remember hearing from us a few years back, when we requested that you cancel the wing-eating competitions at the National Buffalo Wing Festival because of the cruelty inherent in poultry production. I’m reaching out again to ask you at least to take steps to ensure the safety of pregnant women by barring them from taking part in your contests. As I will explain, consuming poultry while pregnant may lead to birth defects in utero, including smaller-than-average penises for newborn boys. I think we can agree that embarrassment and insecurity are no small matters.

Findings published by the Study for Future Families showed that eating poultry during pregnancy may lead to smaller penis size in male infants. Looking at dairy products, eggs, fish, fruit, bird meat, potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, and red meat, researchers found the most significant link between chicken consumption and decreased penis size because of a chemical compound found in the meat. Furthermore, evidence indicates that heterosexual women’s sexual satisfaction depends in part on their partner’s penis size.

Even the cruelest of bedroom ridicule pales in comparison to the suffering that smart, sensitive chickens endure for the wings so casually consumed in contests such as these. Chickens raised for meat are bred and drugged to grow so large, so fast, that they are prone to crippling leg injuries and heart attacks. After a lifetime in cramped, filthy sheds, chickens are sent to the slaughterhouse, where their throats are cut while they are still conscious and their bodies are dunked in scalding-hot water. In addition, eating cholesterol-laden chicken flesh during pregnancy may also increase unborn babies’ risk of being born with blocked arteries, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks later in life.

Now that you are well endowed with this information, I hope you will have the backs of future Buffalo residents and visitors by not allowing their pregnant mothers to participate in the wing-eating contest. I hope to hear from you soon.


Lindsay Rajt
Associate Director of Campaigns

An activist with PETA lies covered with barbecue sauce during a protest against the consumption of animal products, in Ottawa July 17, 2013. (Credit: Reuters/Chris Wattie)

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