Front Yard


More Than One…

“There’s a few just in this one pic of my yard…
The 13hp motor from the lawn tractor gave up the ghost so I replaced it by the only thing I had… a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder from a suzuki samurai.
The VW was rebuilt using the doors and complete front clip from a red jetta. Unfortunately the only paint I had on hand was a moss green, and being painted outside on a cool day in October the paint didn’t stick very well(the red showing on the doors).
And the section of fence leaning on the house… a section of snow fence framed in with ruff cut lumber, that’s what was around my front yard.”

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A truly White Trash Lawn

“These guys were not happy with their White Trash Closet Door Gate in the backyard. So they just couldn’t see their way to water the front yard. Well they sure were able to pony up for weed killer to kill the only thing that was really growing well in their front yard,the weeds. A truely White Trash Lawn care El Supremo effort. Also notice the pile of mulch that has been there so long that weeds are growing out of it. Mulch clock started running in April 2012 and so far on September 12, 2012 is still running.”

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1 Comment DIY  //  hillbilly  //  Kludge  //  Redneck Fix  //  Redneck Repairs  //  White Trash Repair
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