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WTR Swag Give-A-Way Day!

Today is our birthday, One year ago we opened the website and made our first post!  Now normally on birthdays the we would receive gifts (feel free to send any) but we think our fans are our gifts.  TIME TO HAND OUT FREE SWAG TO OUR FANS! Since were coming up on Easter we thought we would have a little fun.  Who doesn’t love an Easter Egg Hunt?  We’re going to do two Easter egg hunts today so that everyone gets a chance to play.  Here is how to play:

1.  Hidden on will be two Easter Items on two different pages (see items below, different items for different times)

2. Search the website for the two items.  Once you find them then send us an email with the URL’s (web address) that you found them on (you have to send us BOTH URL’s and not just tell us where you found them).  First two fans to find them will win their choice of WTR Swag (T-Shirt or Tote Bag Set).  Our email address is DO NOT post the URL’s below, you have to email both of them to us.


1st Hunt starts at 10am EST. The first hunt will be looking for these two items (Easter Bunny and a set of Easter Eggs)

2nd Hunt starts at 6pm EST. The second hunt will be looking for these two items (Easter Basket and a Baby Chick with 4 eggs)


***DO NOT send us the URL for this page as IT DOES NOT COUNT.  The pictures above are only to show you what to look for not to be used in the contest.  The winners will be posted below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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