T-Shirts For Auggie (the puppy)

The auction has ended and we were able to donate to Auggie a total of $326.00 for his upcoming surgery!  We would like to thank the following ebay winners:  Greg Eglinton, Bonnie Bottger and Mark Kroeker. 

If you would still like to help with the cost of surgery and therapy for Auggie or support his family please check out his AUGGIE’S FACEBOOK PAGE: “RUN AUGGIE RUN”

T-shirts for Auggie

Normally the only way you can get one of these shirts is to win it in a contest. Well we decided to step out of our box and sell off a few. Why are we doing this? Well check out this little pup “Auggie”. Currently Auggie is handicap and can not use his back legs. He had MRI and they discovered that Auggie has a cyst on his spine, once he has surgery and some therapy there is a good chance this little pup can walk. Surgery is expensive but this little guy deserves a chance. So here is how you can help. We are selling off 3 shirts on ebay, 100% of the money raised goes towards Auggie’s surgery/recovery.

Auction One: ONE  WTR t-shirt, coffee mug, embroidered hat and our back pack, CLICK THE PHOTO TO BID ON IT


Auction Two:  ONE WTR t-shirt and coffee mug, CLICK THE PHOTO TO BID ON IT


Auction Three:  ONE WTR t-shirt, CLICK THE PHOTO TO BID ON IT


DONATE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SHIRT! For every $2.00 (or more) donation you can win a chance to get a shirt. At the end of the week we will pick one person who donated to Auggie and send them a shirt. 100% of the money raised goes towards Auggie’s surgery/recovery. Donations will be made via Good NewZ! Pittie Pups RescuCLICK THE PHOTO BELOW TO DONATE:


Because of our Love for Auggie we are going to match the top ebay bid (up to $100.), so help this little guy walk again and bid or donate. Again I can’t stress that 100% of the money raised goes towards Auggie’s surgery/recovery.

RUN AUGGIE RUN!  Show Auggie some love and “LIKE” his page: https://www.facebook.com/RunAuggieRun

Here is a little video on Auggie that will steal your heart. Look at the determination on this little guy to thrive and run…

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